ring-tailed possum - watercolourNatural History Illustration

Illustration - 'a picture or diagram that helps to make something clear or attractive' (The Penguin English Dictionary, R. Allen, 2002).

Is illustration art in its truest form? Well, that is a matter of opinion. It is certainly attractive and when used in publications such as identification guides it definitely makes things clearer. I consider it to be beautiful art form in its own right and I am lucky enough to produce illustrations as a job. I have learnt so much about my subjects over the years and continue to do so.

'Scientific accuracy doesn't necessarily mean a lack of creativity. It's like the creativity of scientists- you are studying what's there, but you're also revealing it'. - John Norris Wood, founder of the Natural History and Ecological Studies Masters course at the Royal College of Art, London.noctule bat details

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art I have worked as a freelance illustrator, mainly in the publishing sector. Clients include: T & AD Poyser (A & C Black), Lynx Edicions, The Wildlife Art Agency, British Trust for Ornithology, BirdLife International, Bat Conservation Trust, Aberdeen University, Alba Ecology, International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF), and most recently, various projects for New Holland Publishers, London. 

Please take a look at some of my published work in my Illustration Portfolio. If you have a project that you would like to discuss or a book that you want illustrated, please don't hesitate to contact me at lyn@artfulcreatures.co.uk, give me a call on 01408 641204 or use the contact page.

I would be especially keen to hear from community groups or organisations involved in conservation or biodiversity projects wishing to produce promotional or educational material such as booklets, leaflets and posters. I have experience of producing artwork for interpretation boards and information panels for several organisations such as the Bat Conservation Trust and the John Muir Trust. I am happy to give advice and provide quotes for funding applications.

'Lyn’s work is both beautiful and accurate, I love using her illustrations at public events and school talks. Most people have a negative image of bats but Lyn’s work shows just how delicate and beautiful these animals are. We get lots of compliments about the bat pictures. I would recommend Lyn’s work to anyone who needs wildlife art, they won’t be disappointed'. Anne Youngman, Scottish Bat Officer, Bat Conservation Trust.